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With more than 40,000 corporate customers in 58 countries and 93 million transactions for about 18 billion euros in 2009, AirPlus International is a global leader in Europe in the supply of credit card payment systems and online solutions for the management of costs associated with business travel(Business travel Management) that enable companies to optimize their direct and indirect costs associated with this item of expenditure.

Over 50% of the largest companies in Europe rely on AirPlus for optimizing the organization of business travel and reduce the cost of business travel management.

Founded in 1989 in Neu- Isenberg (Germany), AirPlus has a direct presence in Italy through a subsidiary based in Bologna.  Heart of the solution proposed by the company is the AirPlus Company Account - a centralized solution for billing and reporting of prepaid travel services (air ticketing, car renta , etc.) based on the use of lodge cards domiciled at the trusted travel agency - and the AirPlus Information Manager, the management system which enables a high level of analysis for all expenses incurred by the company for business trips.

With these tools and the high quality of the data provided by AirPlus, the group had already been able to streamline the administrative management related to business travel, negotiate the most competitive rates with service providers and gain greater control of costs through a detailed and customizable reporting.

It is joined now even the new MasterCard Corporate cards, result of an agreement with Deutsche Bank, that employees can use to provide the balance of all expenses incurred in the course of their business (catering, refuelling, etc.).

This allows to centralize the flow of data from the lodge cards and corporate cards, so as to have an overview of the travel expenses incurred by the company.
With AirPlus solutions you can save up to 30% on business travel expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the AirPlus Company Account helps to reduce costs?

A centralised payment and billing system is the way to achieve easier administration and greater cost control.  It provides hassle free payment for all your business travel needs, through a bespoke centralised system with automated reconciliation that allows you to evaluate, control and optimise your travel budget.

With is the minimum turnover needed to mke it worthwhile having an AirPlus Company Account?

A company needs to be spending approximately 30,000 Euro annually to make it worthwhile signing up to have a Company Account.

How is the AirPlus Company Account primarily used?

The AirPlus Company Account is primarily used when lodged with your existing travel agency, corporate travel department and online reservation system or service provider. You can then use it for paying all your businesses expenses such as flights, rail, car rental and other travel agency services including hotels.

What travel expenses can be invoiced via the AirPlus Company Account?

All pre-booked business expenses such as flights, rail, car rental and other travel agency services including hotels can be invoiced via the AirPlus Company Account.

Can a company have several AirPlus Company Accounts?

If a company has several subsidiaries, each subsidiary can either have its own AirPlus Company Account or use just one account and use descriptive billing fields such as a cost centre to allocate the spend accordingly.

Do I need a CVC or signature in order to make a booking and pay on the AirPlus Company Account?

No. Neither a CVC nor a signature is needed.

Can I book electronic tickets using the AirPlus Company Account?

Yes you can. You just need to give a valid booking reference number or something to identify yourself like a credit card.

Do transaction fees appear on the AirPlus Company Account invoice?

Yes, transaction fees appear as a separate line item and under the respective ticket where applicable for easy reconciliation.

Can I invoice carbon offset charges to the AirPlus Company Account?

Yes. With the AirPlus Company Account carbon offset charges can been invoiced and automatically shown under each respective airline ticket.

Is travel insurance available with the AirPlus Company Account?

Yes, optional travel insurance is available. Please ask you AirPlus Account Manager for further information.

How quickly can an AirPlus Company Account be set-up?

As soon as you have decided how you want your account set up and returned the signed contract forms, subject to a positive credit check, your account can be up and running in 10 working days.

How long does it take to receive a card?

If you are applying it for the first time, it will take about 2 to 3 weeks for all the necessary procedures.  If you already have an account and are requesting an additional card, you will receive in 3 days.

How long is an AirPlus Company Account valid?

An AirPlus Company Account is valid for 5 years, after which you will receive a letter with the new validity.

Can the invoice data be tailored to suit my needs?

Yes, with the AirPlus Company Account you have the option to customise your invoices both on paper and electronically. If you want, we can offer training for optimal use of these tools.

Can I get integrated analysis of business and pleasure?

Yes, we can extract the data from your AirPlus Company Account and combine it with other data.

How is data protected?

AirPlus handles all data processes on an internal and proprietary basis, in compliance with the relevant EU and UK data protection legislation.

How can I compare your billing AirPlus with the data of my travel agency?

We recommend using automatic reconciliation using the electronic invoice data. The data of the travel agency as well as the data of the account statement are imported in the AirPlus Invoice Control (available exclusively in LARS) and compared using the number of delivery. The missing data delivery can be added or corrected.

What is the difference between the number of delivery, "proforma invoice" and the sales slip number?

There is no difference. All three terms describe the receipt number of the travel agency.

When would I use an A.I.D.A. (AirPlus Integrated Data Management) number?

You would use an A.I.D.A. number when the AirPlus Company Account (UATP) is not accepted as a form of payment, but where MasterCard is.

Who can use the A.I.D.A. software?

The A.I.D.A. software can be used by any individual, travel agency, hotel booking agency and via on-line booking tools where the software has been integrated. At the moment AirPlus offers the service A.I.D.A. in Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Where do I get the A.I.D.A. client?

The A.I.D.A. Client is available in two different versions, desktop or website. Any user who has already successfully registered on the AirPlus Travel Portal can download the desktop version. The website version of A.I.D.A. is available for every user (individual registration) as soon as he/she has registered with the AirPlus Travel Business Portal. The portal version of the A.I.D.A. software currently does not offer a download option.


Want more information?

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