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AQUAE VENEZIA 2015 is an international exhibition scheduled from May to October 2015, collateral and sponsored by EXPO MILANO 2015.
It will treat the resource par excellence, water, coherently with the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

Included in the program of events “VENICE TO EXPO” with the coordination of the Expo Venice Committee, it will be housed in the new multipurpose hall of Venice-Marghera, at the Science and Technology Park VEGA.

AQUAE VENEZIA can count on a program of exhibitionsexperiential activities and conferences, b2bbusiness areaworkshops and match-making, in which the theme of water will be treated in every respect: from the environment to work, from the industry to agriculture, through nutrition, health and wellness, leisure.

There are two main parts: the first is "Water Planet", edited by eAmbiente, cycle of three b2b and b2c exhibitions dedicated to reclamation systems, irrigation, combating desertification, recovery of polluted areas; the second is "Water and Life", organized by the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, the cycle of scientific conferences dedicated to welfare and health.
Among the permanent sections that comprise Aquae, figure also a space dedicated to food, consisting of taste boutiques and several dining areas, mainly dedicated to the culinary traditions of the world related to fish.

The section also provides cooking classes and cooking show.
The section “Discovering Water” completes the exhibition: a theme park, outside the pavilion, where children and adults can learn the scientific aspects related to water in a fun, dynamic and interactive way.