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L'Impronta Viaggi

Lufthansa City Center

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Passaggio dei Bagni della Juta,1,
35016 Piazzola sul Brenta


The beautiful Florence, watered by the Arno and surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, is undoubtedly the most visited, famous and attractive city in Tuscany. It’s considered the birthplace of theRenaissance and is universally recognized as one of the cradles of art, from painting to sculpture and architecture, from literature to music. The countless artistic treasures of the city of Dante testify in a unique and unrepeatable way the mankind’s history. From Forte Belvedere you can appreciate the beautiful old town, with its churches and palaces, enjoying one of the most beautiful views of the valley of the Arno.
Florence is also famous for its classy handicrafts, heir to a centuries-old tradition, and for the elegance and good taste of his creations: from straw, a typical product of Florence, to the work in leather’s products, from ceramics to glass , to wood and metal’s works. 
And for the good food lovers there is plenty of choice. The numerous restaurants and taverns offer the pleasure of a cuisine that makes use of simple dishes. This cooking is accompanied by Tuscan wines, justly famous, of Chianti and the surrounding areas: the red wine, robust and flavourful; white wine, more graceful; sweet wines and the "vin santo".