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L'Impronta Viaggi

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The Travel Safely website provides general information of the citizen on foreign countries, including those relating to the security situation. It is a service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed in collaboration with the ACI. The cards and warnings for travelers who travel abroad are based on information believed to be reliable and available at the time of publication and are handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ACI within their respective competences.

It seems appropriate to point out that the security situations in foreign countries, as well as regulatory measures and administrative provisions in force in those countries, can rapidly change and that despite the utmost care in sourcing and verify the information, the data are likely to continue changes and updates. Single travelers are of course solely responsible for the decision to embark on the journey for tourism, business or other reasons, and any negative consequences that may arise. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ACI may in no way be held responsible for damage to persons or property which may arise directly or indirectly from information published on this site.

In countries where there is no diplomatic mission / consular Italian, citizens may request, pursuant to art. 20 (ex art. 8C) of the Treaty of Amsterdam, the assistance of on-site Representations of the other EU Member States. The maps shown are not relevant from a political point of view, they are provided solely for geographical reference.

The information contained in this site can be acquired through the helpline  which operates all day, 24 hours out of 24 (with voice service timetable night): 

Italy 06-491115 - +39-06-491115 from Abroad

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In case of emergency: Where are we in the World

Where we are in the World is the service that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes available to Italian citizens traveling or residing abroad. The Crisis Unit is a facility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, acting in conjunction with the institutional bodies of the State, in order to cope with the increasing number ofemergency situations involving Italian interests abroad or endanger the safety of countrymen. Has the institutional task of assisting and protecting the interests of Italian compatriots abroad in emergency situations.

Address: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Secretariat - Crisis Unit, Piazzale della Farnesina, Rome 1

Useful numbers:
Tel: +39-06-36225 
Tel: +39-06-36911 
Fax: +39-06-36913858

Email: unita.crisi @

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Italian embassies in the world 

Are you going or you are abroad and you need to get in touch with the Italian Embassy on the spot?

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