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L'Impronta Viaggi

Lufthansa City Center

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Passaggio dei Bagni della Juta,1,
35016 Piazzola sul Brenta


A city that is reflected in the water, living in symbiosis with the sea and drowning from the sea its strength and beauty, this is Venice. Elegant, precious, unique, funny and romantic, the Serenissima is the gem of the Venetian and Italian tourist landscape and its churches, its palaces, ancient bridges, monuments and squares attract every day hundreds of visitors who admire with rapt the beauty and the multitude of monuments and works of art, fascinated by the artistic and cultural vivacity that has marked and still marks the history of this city.

You have to live Venice on foot getting lost in the intricate streets, in an up and down of bridges, to discover the treasures of the baroque Santa Maria della Salute and the Galleria dell'Accademia, which accommodate the masterpieces of Venetian painters between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries. But Venice is also modern and contemporary art, such as that encountered in the renewed and recovered Punta della Dogana, or inside Palazzo Grassi or during the artistic avant-garde exhibited during the Venice Biennale.
The beautiful Piazza San Marco, with its imposing Bell Tower and Basilica, the Doge's Palace and theClock Tower, is the true heart of the city. Not far away, the elegant Bridge of Sighs is a must during the romantic gondola ride that traditionally goes up the Grand Canal. The main stream of the city is also crossed by the Rialto Bridge, animated by the continuous transit of tourists.
All around Venice, a string of islands: Burano, famous for its lace production; Murano, for its glass;Pellestrina, characterized by sand dunes and tall reeds; Torcello, one of the oldest human settlements in the area.