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You need to know if you need an entry visa for the country you are visiting for business or vacation? 
Contact us and ask us to deal with the request in your place, we can assist you in completing this form / application forms for a visa and obtain the necessary documents, such as a letter of invitation. 
Very often, in order to enter a foreign country - for tourism and / or business - you need to obtain a visa prior to departure.

Entry visas are issued by diplomatic missions of various countries and certain documentation is required. 

Our team, directly and / or through consular agencies specialized and certified, it is able to meet all your needs in this regard, informing you about the documents needed to get them through the consulates and / or embassies . 

Please note that this service can be made only to the citizens and residents of Italian nationality. Unfortunately we can not handle visa inquiries relating to foreign nationals, who kindly ask you to apply personally at the Consulate of your country of residence.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a consular visa? 

The consular visa allows the entry of a citizen in a foreign country that requires it and is issued on the sole discretion of the Consulate concerned.

How long does it take to get it?

The times for the processing of the request are set by each representation, and vary from state to state. All documentation, the consular fees and timing of the visa may change suddenly, at the discretion of the individual Consulate, even for practices already submitted. 

How do you get a visa?
Application for and issuing visa it is necessary to submit to the Consulate concerned with documentation normally includes the passport validity, the consular filling out forms, duly signed and accompanied by photos, as well as the payment of fees of different amounts . Very rare is the issue of a visa free of charge, and is often intended to seek rights of urgency.
The Consulate may require additional documentation, such as the signing of Insurance policies to cover medical expenses / surgical.
The procedure for submission of the visa application at the consulates is rather complex, as it requires always obliged to appear in person, almost always more times, at fixed hours, at the offices of the Consulate.
The completion of the practice involves long waiting times, with considerable loss of time, which will be completely eliminated addressing  our agency, directly and / or through consular agencies specialized and certified, is a company authorized to request the consular visa in the name and on behalf of its customers
What types of visas? 

The main division of visas regards the motivation of the trip.

The visas are divided into:

Tourist visas, suitable for leisure trips

Business visas, which allow you to enter into contracts, transactions  and carry out economic activities of a professional and usually require to be released  an invitation from a company in the destination country.

What is the difference between the period of validity and duration of stay? 

Period of validity - is the time within which the applicant may enter into the foreign country. For example, if a visa has a validity period of three months from release, it means that the applicant can only enter the foreign country within three months from the date on which the visa was issued. After this period, the visa cannot be used and the holder of the passport in order to enter that country, must submit a new request.

Length of stay - indicates the actual number of days during which the holder of the passport can stay in the territory of a foreign country. For example, if a visa indicates a length of stay of 30 days, the holder of the passport will be mandatory to leave the country within 30 days from the date of entry.

What is the difference between having single, double and multiple?
A single entry visa means that  the holder of the passport may enter just  once in the foreign country. In order to re-enter the country, the holder of the passport must submit a new application, even if the length of stay that was granted is longer than the one he actually used.
A two entries: allows you to enter and leave the country twice with the same visa, always respecting the validity period of the visa and the length of stay granted.
Multiple-entry visa allows you to enter and leave the country several times with the same visa, always respecting the validity period of the visa and the length of stay granted.
UNITED STATES: need a visa or ESTA?

No visa is required for entry to the United States, but you need an authorization through a procedure calledESTA - Electronic System for Travel Authorization. In order to strengthen the security of travel in the United States, under the VWP (Visa Waiver Program), the requirements for visa-free travel have been increased. Citizens of countries participating in the VWP (Visa Waiver Program) still have the right to obtain a permit to travel approved, prior to entering the United States. 
The Department of Homeland Security and the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection of the United States provide a secure website with an automated form that can be filled in by the applicant, or by third parties for the transmission of requests for travel authorization. After entering the data and information required by the travel website, the request is processed by the system, to determine whether the claimant is entitled to travel to the United States under the VWP (Visa Waiver Program). The system will provide an automated response and before boarding, the airline transport will confirm electronically with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (Customs and Border Protection) of the United States that the traveler is in possession of the travel approved.

L’Impronta Viaggi is at your disposal to assist you in your request ESTA. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us!

Click and be linked to the official website of U.S. Embassy to verify the validity of the passport

Click and be linked to the official website of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Click and get access to Online Guide to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (Electronic System for Travel Authorization, ESTA).